Road Pics

A page solely dedicated to pictures taken from the road (while driving). This page will be updated regularly, so stay in touch!

Sunsets from a Side By Side, Apache Junction, AZ

The Cactus from Cartoons, between Camp Verde and Apache Junction

Dropping Elevation, leaving Flagstaff

Yellow and Green Contrast, Wupatki National Monument

Ancient Anasazi Pueblos, Wupatki National Monument

Charred Hills, Wupatki National Monument

Lava Fields, Wupatki National Monument

Cool Clouded Sunset, near Flagstaff, AZ

The Little Colorado, Leaving The Grand Canyon, AZ

Leaving the Grand Canyon, AZ

Entering the Grand Canyon, AZ

Humphreys Peak, near the Grand Canyon

A Mesa, Near Kingman, AZ

Night Lights from the Road, near CA/AZ border

Near Boron, CA "Sunset in Rearview Mirror"

Near Boron, CA "Desert Sunset Behind Us"

Near Boron, CA "Dust Storm Brewing"

Near Mojave Desert, CA "In the Desert: Cactus!"

Tehachapi Mountains, CA "More Windmills"

Tehachapi Mountains, CA"Wind Farm!"
Near Tehachapi, CA "Entering Tehapachi Mountains"

Between Bakersfield and Tehacahpi, CA "Approaching The Tehachapi Mountains

Bakersfield, CA "Merle Haggard Dr"

Between Fresno and Bakersfield, CA "Crazy Trees, What Are They??"

Merced County, CA "Almond and Wine Grape Country"

Merced County, CA "Dry"

Merced County, CA (leaving Modesto, CA ) "Sierra Nevadas in the Distance"

Santa Clara County,CA (outside of Gilroy, CA) "Leaving the Coast"

Near Half Moon Bay, CA "

San Francisco, CA "Tightly Packed Houses"

San Francisco, CA "Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge"

San Francisco, CA "Here Comes the Bridge"

Humboldt County, CA "Windy Road from Petrolia"

Humboldt County, CA (Near Petrolia) "Battleship Rock"

Humboldt County, CA (Near Petrolia) "A Peek of the Pacific"

Coos Bay, OR "Same Name (as RV)"

Coos Bay, OR "Pacific Ocean!"

Astoria, WA "Crossing the Bridge to Astoria"

Thurston County, WA " Rain and Trees"

Seattle, WA "And Then There Was Rain, and Traffic"

Paradise, MT "Iced Over"

Paradise, MT "Old Bridge"

Missoula County, MT "Frozen Lake"

Cascade County, MT "Just White Everywhere"

Fergus County, MT "Icy Roads"

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